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Get more from membership with DIA Plus

Our new enhanced level of membership, including income protection insurance, is designed to not only offer more protection and peace of mind to the working ADI, but also a range of other great benefits.

The Driving Instructors Association (DIA) is currently the largest membership association for driver and rider trainers in the UK. But, by no means, do we arrogantly rest on our laurels and assume we’re doing a brilliant job. In fact, nearly every day the team will have some kind of discussion about how we can improve what we offer or we’re mulling over some member feedback and looking at how to deliver more – and better. We constantly strive to innovate and broaden our offering. We were the first association to introduce professional indemnity and public liability insurance into membership and we are the only association with FCA approval (Financial Conduct Authority) to offer such financial products directly to our members.

Last year we improved our standard membership offering with a more robust public liability and professional indemnity policy (which offers £15 million of cover whether teaching in the classroom, off road training facility or on the public highways motoring along), a free fuelcard and introduced a discounted shopping scheme (LogBuy – check it out on for a great range of savings on everything from everyday groceries to utilities, holidays to homewares).

Working to understand where driver and rider trainers may need extra support or protection has now lead us to develop a new level of membership with a number of great additional benefits. What really sets it apart however, is the introduction of income protection insurance.


How is DIA Plus different?

DIA Plus membership is the most comprehensive association package currently available for driver and rider trainers. As well as all the benefits of our standard membership, DIA Plus also includes enhanced discounts in the DIA shop, CPD training, Tax Services and on our other key services (such as the tax service and DIA WebBuilder). However, DIA Plus’s biggest plus point is income Protection insurance.

Income protection is arguably the one protection product every working UK adult should consider buying. And it is certainly a valuable benefit for those self employed professionals who don’t enjoy a protected salary and other employee benefits, an occupational bracket a lot a lot of ADIs fall into.


How will income protection work for DIA Plus members?

If you were unable to work as a result of illness or injury for more than three months, as a DIA Plus member you will be able to claim £208 per month for up to 21 months to help you manage your outgoings whilst you recover. Whether you claim or not, however, this income protection scheme shares any profits generated by PG Mutual during your membership with a view to giving you some cash back at the end of your policy term – which will be a useful contribution to your retirement fund.


Who are PG Mutual?

DIA has partnered with PG Mutual; one of the UK’s leading income protection insurance providers. PG Mutual are a friendly society and as such return any profits to their policy holders (in the form of cash benefits, accrued over the lifetime of your policy and paid to you on retirement). As a DIA Plus member, you will automatically become a PG Mutual member if you are below the age 63.


Who can apply for DIA Plus?

Anyone can apply for DIA Plus membership from age 18 (minimum age at entry) to age 63 (maximum age at entry), whether they are employed or self-employed.


Why is DIA Plus beneficial to me?

DIA Plus member’s benefits from income protection cover and access to exclusive member benefits for an introductory offer of only £125 per year (equivalent to £2.40 per week for the first year of your membership – introductory offer ends 28th February).


Highlights of the DIA PLUS Membership include:

  • Income Protection
  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • £208 per month cover if you are off work due to an accident or illness*
  • Three month deferment period
  • An income to supplement state sickness benefits
  • No penalty for making a claim and no limit to the number of claims you make


PLUS, as an added bonus, the plan builds up an investment element, whether you claim on the plan or not, offering you a cash bonus on retirement.


Additional benefits of DIA Plus membership includes:

  • An exclusive range of discounts and cashbacks offers across great brands including: John Lewis, Mark and Spencer, Apple, utilities and grocery provider and leisure brands (including discounted cinema tickets, holidays and entrance to UK theme park and attractions)
  • Estimated savings of up to £350 year on goods and services you frequently buy


Where can you find more information about DIA Plus membership and apply?

Existing members can upgrade simply by calling our Membership Services Team on 0208 686 8010.


Further questions?

If you have any further questions on DIA Plus, please see our website for a list of FAQs or phone our membership team, who will answer your questions.

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