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What is the course structure?

ADIs will need to complete all four modules successfully in order to apply to the DVSA for their fleet licence.

Before the in-car module takes place, ADIs must have successfully completed the DIA Fleet Theory module, and hold a valid* Diamond Car test.

The cost of the DVSA fleet licence is £120 and is not included in the DIA Fleet Course fee. Please refer to the section on ‘How to apply to the DVSA for your fleet licence’ for further information.

* have taken and passed within the last 3 years

Fleet theory

The fleet theory consists of 100 multi-choice questions, covering a range of occupational driving subjects and the Highway Code. You will be provided with login details to complete this. You must complete this within 7 days of the start date.
Diamond Elite test

The Diamond test will ensure that your driving has met the high standards required for the DVSA fleet register, and in addition, ADIs would have been assessed on their commentary skills, which are essential in the fleet world when providing developmental driver training to someone who drives for work, as an effective training tool.

We use our network of DVSA Approved Diamond examiners across the UK and we will endeavour to book this test as near to your location as possible. Alternatively, you can always take your Diamond training and test from DIA HQ in Crawley, West Sussex.
Award in Business or Vehicle Knowledge

The Award in Business or Award in Vehicle Knowledge module, whichever you choose, must be be taken prior to the In Car module. ADIs have a choice of either module that they feel is the most relevant to them. This module will count towards the Diploma in Driver Education, so if the DipDE is a qualification that you are thinking of doing, then you can use this module towards this. If you hold one of these modules, you can use it towards the DIA Fleet Course as approved prior learning. For those ADIs that have already completed one of these modules, this can count towards the Diamond Fleet course equally.
In Car Module, Presentations and Final Assessment (3 days)

This module will cover giving presentations in car and classroom, licence, eyesight and vehicle checks, how to give a demonstration drive, how to use a blend of training approaches to include coaching and teaching, plus report writing. The trainer will cover various scenarios and guide ADIs though these, providing them with a solid foundation and confidence to base their fleet training on.

ADIs will be sent one of our DIA Fleet Presentations prior to the In Car module, and will be asked to present it to a small group, and in addition, present this short presentation in the car as well. When delivering fleet training to a customer, fleet trainers will often be required to deliver a short presentation both in car and in the classroom.

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